Getting Started

 Consulting Services

  • Observations, Assessments, Recommendations
  • Executive Team Report                        
  • Leadership Tips, Suggestions and more

Back to Basics
Rekindle Passion - It All Starts With You ~ 2 Hour

  • Identity Mission
  • Align Missions
  • Power of One

Making Good Impressions (Nonverbal Communication) ~ 2 Hours

  • Attire, Posture, Eye Contact,Smile, and Body Expressions
  • Greetings, Handshakes, Hygiene

Technology Communication ~ 2 Hours

  • Telephone, Cell Phone, Difficult Calls, Voice Tone
  • Leaving Message; Phone, E-mail, and Text Wait Time
  • E-mail, Text Messaging, Writing, Social Media

Improving Customer & Employee Satisfaction
Conflict Management for Leadership - 2 ~ Hours

  • Nonverbal Language of Great Leaders, Understanding the Messages of Others
  • Relate Effectively to Differences, Resolve Issues with Improved Awareness and Communication

Conflict Management for Employees ~ 2 Hours

  • Understanding Conflict, The Upside of Conflict
  • Manage Conflict, Working as a Team

The Code of Conduct – Linking HCAHPS to Performance Standards ~ 1 to 3 Hour Program

  • Connect the Dots of HCAHPS to Employee Standards of Performance
  • Attitude, Appearance, Communication, Respect, Teamwork
  • Customer Waiting, Call Lights, Elevator Etiquette
  • Privacy, Safety Awareness

Service Recovery - Winning Customers for Life ~ 1 Hours

  • Awareness, Advantages of a Negative Situation
  • Five Steps of Service Recovery, Going the Extra Mile

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