Getting Started

  •    Observations and Assessments
  •    Department Visits and Assessments, Facility
  •    Observation, Executive Team Report, Program
  •    Recommendations

Back to Basics

Making Good Impressions ~ 2 Hours 

  •    Attire, Posture, Eye Contact, Facial and Body
  •    Expressions, Greetings, Handshakes, Introductions

 Communication ~ 2 Hours

  •    Telephone, Cell Phone, Difficult Calls, Voice Tone, Voice
  •    Quality, E-mail, Text Messages, Writing, Facebook,
  •    Professional Language, Teamwork

Improving Customer and Employee Satisfaction
Conflict Management for Office Employees ~ 1 Hour            

  •   Understanding Conflict, The Upside of Conflict, Conflict Resolution

Customer Service: Creating Satisfied, Loyal Customers ~ 2 Hours

Stepping Up to the Plate - Performance Standards for Employees

  •    Privacy, Safety Awareness Attitude, Appearance, Customer Waiting, Communication,
  •    Sense of Ownership, Teamwork, Commitment to Co-Workers, Elevator Etiquette

Service Recovery – Five Steps to Service Recovery ~ 1 ½ Hours

  •   Winning Customer Loyalty through adversity
  •   The advantages of a Negative Situation
  •    Power of One--Going over and beyond            

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